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The Rea Way

The Rea Way consists of the values on which Richard C. Rea and others built our Ohio accounting firm. Since then, our firm tries to live these values and morals everyday — values that were clearly ahead of their time. All of our associates believe in what The Rea Way stands for, and they work to uphold it.

You are a Rea Ambassador. Always. Maintain integrity in all you do. Be Honest. Be a good steward. Take ownership. Respect growth and profitability. Respect your clients, your colleagues and yourself. Be generous with praise and constructive with criticism. Take your work personally. Quality counts. Choose to be positive, every day. Show others that you care. Work together. Rejoice in others' achievements. Embrace change. Be open to the possibilities. Opportunities abound. Believe in yourself. Dare to dream. Value your clients. Challenge them to reach their potential. Be a person of influence. Share your ideas. Raise up leaders. Listen intently. Let your listening fuel action. Fail forward. Be persistent in finding creative solutions. Invest in your family, your community and your future. Never stop learning. Have fun. Enjoy the journey...